Written update of Bigg Boss 14 November 26, 2020: Rubina Dilac and Jasmine Bhasin fight due to Nikki Tamboli


Bigg Boss 14: Still from the Rubina show. (With regards ColorsTV)


  • Abhinav and Rubina lock Nikki Tamboli in the bedroom
  • She was caught stealing her makeup products at night
  • Jasmin and Rubina were in opposing teams

new Delhi:

Tonight’s episode Bigg Boss 14 Seen a huge change in friends Rubina Dilac and Jasmine Bhasin relations. Earlier in the day, Rubina and her husband Abhinav Shukla locked Nikki Tamboli in the bedroom after they caught her stealing her makeup products during the night. When Jasmine asks Rubina to let Nikki go, an angry Rubina says that Jasmine is trying to “topple” the opposing team. “You have made us a devil, you have become a demon (If you want to make us look bad and discredit us), keep doing that, “she said. Rubina later told Jasmine that her” sugar-coated “way of talking was also considered a sign of being ill. can go.

Rubina Dilac And Jasmine Bhasin’s war of war continued even after Nikki Tamboli exited the bedroom. Rubina called Jasmine “immature” for defending Nikki Tamboli. He also warns Jasmine not to talk about him behind his back. Jasmine was also very angry and told Rubina, “Play your clever games, like you always do, with someone else.” Jasmine snorted at the cryptocurrency over her and Rubina’s friendship, saying, “It’s over.”


Jasmine and Rubina’s equation was not the only victim. Power The actress also had a fight with her husband Abhinav Shukla. He shouted at her saying, “What did you have to say? Do bass Do not wipe on it, give it to Matt (What was the need to say anything? Stop it. Don’t even try to convince yourself about it). “Jasmine’s team in charge of the kitchen department gave very little food to the opposing team and asked them to split. It is this interplay, which made Rubina more furious. She later asked the captain Kavita Kaushik to intervene.

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