My ideal man should look like a man, say masculine and suicidal, Mehvish Hayat. The Express Tribune

Popular actor Mehwish Hayat recently opened up about her preferences about men, which is why she is still single and how she feels about playing a character that she criticizes greatly.

In a conversation with Begum Nawazish Ali, recipient of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz by the way, What would his ideal spouse be like. She expressed her opinion on #MeToo and whether or not it served as a deterrent to sexual harassment.

other than this, Wedding weight Star does not hold back from describing how he is attractive among local male celebrities, as well as commenting on the possibility of being with a particular political figure. Asked how many times he was approached for a relationship, Hyatt said, “28 times.” At this Ali asked, “In all these times, have you never found anyone worthy of your spouse?”

Here, Hyatt replied, “Let me be honest, Don’t get (I could not find him). Maybe the reason for this was that I started really early and made a name for myself. So I did not want anyone to fall in love with me because I am Mehwish Hayat; I want me to fall for who I am. And maybe it is also because I have kept that person so deep within myself. But who knows, someone can come and unlock that door. “

Asked what physical characteristics Hyatt said his ideal partner had, he said, “He has a good height. May not have a fair mind (Even if he is not impartial), a man should look like a man. A little masculine language, a little bit of a lamb (He should be manly and move on)

Ali said that he had the perfect graduation, “Really?” Asked Hyatt, curious. “Yes, someone important, influential, young and this is the first time in Parliament.” Confused, Hyatt asked again. “Bilawal?” Ali replied, “I didn’t say that, but now you have, what’s wrong with Bilawal?”

“There’s nothing wrong with her, I think she looks great,” commented Punjab will not go Actor. Subsequently, Hyatt was asked which of the two male celebrities she would like to share an excellent on-screen chemistry with. “Fahd Mustafa or Humayun Saeed?” Questioned Ali. “I think they are both really good-looking men in themselves,” she replied, adding that it was not a matter because the two were married. However, in interrogation Hayat claimed that he would go for someone who is a mixture of both stars. “For a husband, I go for Fahad and a lover, I do not go for Humayun.”

Starlet also revealed that unlike the roles she plays, she is not romantic in real life. “I am a very realistic person; Not a daydream. I think I can trigger it when in front of the camera.

And when asked if the #MeToo movement acted as a deterrent to harassment, Hyatt said it definitely scared men. But he also said that it is not always the man’s fault. “A lot of women (face harassment) but I think that man is not always wrong. Many times, it is a woman who is wrong. It is always wrong to blame the man; it is two-sided,” commented Of Actor in law Star.

As the Bollywood offer turned him down, Hyatt relied on how they did not appear to be in front of him as he could not be a part of the project, which, according to him, earned him the respect he deserved in Pakistan There was nothing in comparison. “The revival of Pakistani cinema, which we talk about, I have been a part of it since it started. Then I worked with Nabil and Nadeem and the way people showed us with love, I felt that I did not need to go anywhere else. “

“I would not like to work in Bollywood, where I would not be able to attend the premiere or promotion of my film or even see it in the cinema for the first time with my team members. And that is unfair. So I would like to play in my home ground, play it well and enjoy it.

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