Misha Pasha says ‘The Crown’ is like a ‘desi drama’ The Express Tribune

If there’s one thing everyone’s been talking about lately, it’s Crown. And actor Manasha has also cast about the series in his two cents.

“The family wants a young and easy-to-find daughter-in-law who silently tolerates her husband’s infidelity by doing everything by the book.” He wrote on Twitter, addressing the plot. Of crown Latest season.

“Ultimately she cannot afford to tolerate her openness and reluctance. Such desi drama,” commented Red pigeon Actor.

However, she continued to express her love for the show. “Lol, love the show, the acting, the costumes, the set – unique!” Noted Mohabbat tujhe alvida Star. “This, at least, is true for season four,” she finally clarified.

Subsequently, one user reacted to his tweet saying, “Maybe this is where we get this mindset from the first time.” goras (White) left it here, when they came and colonized us. “To this, Pasha said,” The shocking fact I found is that they are still holding the ideology of the ‘liberal west’ around the world, when they themselves may be backward. And traditionalists when it suits them. “

Attagirl, you tell them!

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