Meet Pakistani billionaire property tycoon – Daniel Shawn

Businesses are known for their entrepreneurship and temperament, not just business names or buildings affecting private aircraft and exceptional cars. It is the personality of the stakeholders that matters. But even by international trade standards, Daniel Sean has a certain charisma and a vision of what he brings to the table.

Daniel Shawn is a Pakistani billionaire who is a recognized business magnate. He is also the chairman of Shaun Group, one of the largest family businesses in Pakistan. He was selected as one of Dubai’s 100 most influential personalities and has received numerous accolades for his career globally. Daniel is a father of 2 children and considers himself a ‘man of the family’. His happiest moment is when he spends time with his children. “Time is the only rarity on Earth, and we should spend it where it matters most.”

Signed contract with China Railway Construction Company (CRCC)

Daniel has lived between Dubai, London, New York and Karachi. Daniels is known for promoting and promoting a humanistic view on business, where others must avail themselves for profit. This is in stark contrast to the traditional capitalist approach to trade ‘to be killed or killed’ and opens a path for discussion of physics-related ideas for successes in business. Social psychologists refer to this as the “Law of Reciprocity”, Daniels calls it the “Law of Giving and Receiving”.

Daniel Sean with officials from the University of Vienna

The entrepreneur included everything from soda beverages, textiles, fertilizers, real estate development, digital banking, airlines, education and microfinance. He made his fortune at the young age of 22 in a brokerage deal that dubbed him with Boy with the Golden Touch, earning $ 27 million in commission income. Everything he touched turned into gold.

Receiving the Foreign Minister of Guinea-Bissau as Honorary Consul General

As of 2016, they delivered 1.6 million sq ft and expanded their business portfolio globally. In 2018, the Real Estate Authority of Dubai moved against key players in the Dubai real estate market, including Shawn, and recently Arabtech canceled the projects filed for bankruptcy in Dubai.

Inauguration Ceremony with His Majesty Sultan Butti bin Mizreen of the Dubai Land Department

In 2020, he has diversified his business interests in Pakistan, the US and Europe and his group has a US $ 2 billion asset portfolio. Their successes have been making global headlines and we were getting entangled with that person and wanted to set our minds on Pakistan. Since he likes to describe himself as a ‘thinking man’, the conversation moved to a more spiritual and philosophical side for the businessman.

Scone Air, Karachi, Pakistan

What are your thoughts on Pakistan Tech Industry?

Pakistan is the most undeclared technology market in the world. With a population of over 250 million people, the country has a huge room for further mobile and internet penetration, and 65% of the population for those under 30 years. This growing youth population makes Pakistan the largest technology market in the world. Forum.

The technology sector is missing payment solutions such as fintech services. Once the payment solution comes into practice correctly, the monetization of the sector will begin, and the future will be huge. 10 years from now, our current tech companies will be the most powerful companies in the country. My advice, when you can still join.

What is your outlook for Pakistan property?

Pakistan has one of the largest habitats in the world with a shortage of 11 million homes. With a population growth rate of about 5 million people every year, this number only increases. Karachi with a similar population like Mumbai, Tehran, Bangkok, Delhi, per square foot is 90% cheaper than other metros. Islamabad and Lahore have not been rated fairly. The upcoming Tier B cities of Pakistan in Sindh and Punjab have not been particularly well evaluated.

I believe that the best property investment in Pakistan is building shopping malls in Tier B and Tier cities. It provides the most value for developers and buyers today.

Overall, you cannot be wrong in buying real estate in Pakistan. The demand for pent-ups is huge, the transaction is still done by a majority on equity with minimal financing, and only one direction whose market will be in the north.

Scone Center, Karachi

You lived between London, New York, Karachi and Dubai. Tell us your observations about cities

Karachi – The city provides human capital with the highest IQ, street smart and grit. Talent needs to be pursued, trained and educated and it will have a broad positive impact for the country.

NEW YORK – New Yorkers don’t waste time, cut to the chase, and have amazing people to work with. It has the best human capital in the world. Energetic, lively, and jackfruit; The only city I feel comfortable doing business with is because people are quick.

London – London offers the best social values ​​and is one of the best cities to raise a family. The English legal system is one of the best in the world and is a big plus point to invest or trade here.

Dubai – Dubai is the world’s most successful PR & Marketing case study and attracts the world’s top talent, resources, and offers the best lifestyles between the West and the East. I consider it my home city and definitely the safest city in the world.

Scone Business Park, Dubai

What qualifications do you see when you want to hire people?

1 / well-heard – The person must have a good, clean heart. Buffet once said “You can’t treat a bad person well.”

2 / Extremely positive – I only hire extremely positive people. A negative person is a ‘buzzkill’ for me and I don’t even like to talk to such people.

3 / Hunger – Hunger is one of the greatest characteristics of success. Passion for achievement and dedication are very important qualities for me.

What is your advice for young entrepreneurs?

1 / Never Give Up. You will have up You will have your ups and downs. You only fail when you give up, so never fail, never give up.

2 / You get what you give. Newton’s law says “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” You have to give to get. If you practice it in business and life, you will always be successful.

3 / Focus on focus. There are many deflections, many greetings and a lot of noise in life. Ignore the noise, use tunnel vision and keep your focus on focus. Be very positive.

What is your definition of success?

My definition of success is to go to heaven. As a Muslim, we believe that there is a lifestyle. If you go to heaven, you will succeed. How do you go to heaven You do good deeds and worship your Creator. Life is a test, and we should always know it and treat it as such.

In monetary terms a fool is living in heaven to define success.

What about business?

Business is about creating a sustainable eco-system where all players benefit. The job of an entrepreneur is to create a win-win situation.

What about life

I am a practicing Muslim, and I believe that Allah has sent us here to worship and do good works. Fundamentally, it is our work description and reason for our being. Life is about helping others. I believe that enterprise and entrepreneurship have the potential to solve all social problems, therefore, it is the duty of every entrepreneur to work to help others setup enterprise.

Your favorite quote

“The best people are the ones who are most beneficial to people.” – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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