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Bofors said investors invested $ 27 billion in risky assets last week as positive Kovid-19 vaccine updates led to the purchase of shares in the most hit sectors such as banks, travel and leisure, and oil. Citing EPFR figures, the bank said that global stock inflows have risen to $ 71.4 billion in the last two weeks, the largest stock ever. The flow was led by US and emerging market shares. Still, investors were not prepared to pull the plug on high-flying technology stocks, which saw a $ 2.4 billion influx last week. BofA stated that the feedback is “we (rotation to increase the value of the stock) on this, but we are not selling the take”. Value stocks, typically companies that are more sensitive to economic cycles, Bofoa have said it expects 2021 to be “the year of the vaccine”, allowing value stocks vs. growth stocks, high-yield debt vs. investment-grade debt Will move towards better performance. , Emerging Markets vs. S&P 500 and Small Caps vs. Large Caps.

Published in The Express Tribune, 22 Novembernd, 2020.

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