Government committed to boost IT exports The Express Tribune

Information technology (IT) related exports of the country have increased by 44% during the current year and the government is making efforts to push them forward, said Syed Aminul Haq, the federal and IT and telecommunications communications minister.

Addressing the second Pakistan Malaysia Friendship Association (PMFA) appreciation award ceremony on Friday, he said that 5G would be introduced in Pakistan very soon, after which the country could be transformed into a knowledge-based economy.

Haq said that 5G was partially operating in many countries and pointed out that 5G broadband cannot operate on existing telecom towers.

“The IT ministry took the pandemic as an opportunity rather than a crisis,” he said, adding that “when all regions of the country were declining in the wake of the pandemic, Pakistan’s IT industry was taking a positive journey.” Trajectory. “

The minister informed the participants that the government is making efforts to generate employment for IT graduates. He told that about 25,000 students graduated in various IT related majors from different regions of Pakistan every year. Talking about Pakistan’s economy, Haq said that the key economic indicators have been positive in the last few months.

Published in The Express Tribune, 22 Novembernd, 2020.

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