Former Bollywood actor Sana Khan married Mufti Anas in a private ceremony

SURAT – Bigg Boss fame Sana Khan put the knot in a crucial ceremony with Mufti Anas of Gujarat after leaving the Bollywood industry.

Former b. Town girl Sana Khan was seen in a video at an intimate ceremony, Khan dressed in all white as she exchanged vows with her groom, the man in the video a Gujarat-based man named Mufti Anas is.

There was a scene for the new bride, as she was draped in her white gown next to her husband as they cut a cake on which the word “Nikah Mubarak” was written.

She said that Sana recently announced her exit from Bollywood, her decision to quit showbiz was ‘happiest day’. Hoping that Allah would guide him in his new journey, he asked fans to pray for him.

He wrote, “I request all brothers and sisters to pray for me to accept my repentance from Allah and grant me the true ability to live according to the commands of my Creator and my resolve to spend my life in the service of humanity.” And give me perseverance in it. “

Khan is yet to confirm the news on social media, but a video posted by several news outlets shows him donating a white bridal dress and walking down the stairs with Anas.

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