Bharti Singh arrested in drug case The Express Tribune

A senior official said the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) arrested popular comedian Bharti Singh on charges of consumption and consumption of banned drugs, her home and office were raided this morning, a top official said late Saturday night.

“We have arrested Bharti Singh and found more than 86 grams of marijuana from him. Her husband Harsh Limbachia is currently being questioned by the NCB. NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede said that we will update about the developments ahead IANS.

About 86.50 grams of banned drug (marijuana), commercial quantities, were recovered from his home and office during the raid and both have reportedly confessed to drug abuse.

The NCB arrested the comedian-couple this morning after a pair of actions, which were about to reveal the names of Bharti and Harsh.

Subsequently, the two actors were detained for a while and formally called to the NCB office for further investigation where they arrived there in separate vehicles.

Upon arriving at the NCB offices, a visibly unpublished Singh briefly told media persons that he had “been called for some questioning”.

However, after nearly five hours of continuous questioning, late in the evening, Bharti was arrested while her husband was still suffering from sleeplessness.

Both Bharti and Harsh are well-known comedians who produce or host television programs, besides appearing in reality shows. Danger player And Kapil Sharma Show.

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