Women activists launch ‘rape-free India’ campaign in London

An advertisement for Camping Rape Free India can be seen in an underground London. – Photo by author

London: A group of Indian women activists have launched a campaign in London to highlight cases of rape against women and children in their country, demanding action from the Indian government.

Advertisements against rape in India have appeared on three London underground stations stating that “Indians in [the] Britain stands in solidarity with rape victims ”.

In a statement news, Campaigners for “Rape Free India” said: “We are a group of normal women, mothers who have met for the cause. We would be happy to get some input from other like-minded people who promote the cause. Want to do something and see what we can do together! “

Rape-free India is the brainchild of professional Indian women in London, who share social media sites through social media sites to share their pain of inability and unwillingness to take action against perpetrators of rape and sexual offenses in India. Have come together from Women, children, and minors.

The advertisements have been displayed for a month at Chalk Farm, Regent Park and Kennington Tube stations. Organizers said on their website that they crowd-funded to raise money for the campaign. Interestingly, campaigners said they have never met in real life, but found out about each other via Facebook and then decided to come together for the cause.

She has set up a website that encourages readers to put a digital ribbon with “Rape Free India” in red letters, marking White Ribbon Day on November 25 as their profile picture from November 22 – Women’s Day of campaigning to end violence against.

Organizers have said that they were troubled by the increasing number of recent rape cases in India, such as a six-year mass rape and murder in Kanpur – the story shocked the world.

“Our ultimate objective is to work in India, continue to look at it and ensure that the next generation is better educated,” he said.

Ever since the posters have grown, campaign organizers have been trolled on social media as anti-nationals and traitors who are bringing a bad name to India, meanwhile, the women said they deliberately sought international attention Chose London.

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