Chinese COVID-19 vaccine shows encouraging results in Pakistan trials

Islamabad – A Chinese-made vaccine against coronavirus has shown promising results in a final-stage clinical trial conducted in Pakistan.

Dr. of Shifa International Hospital Iqbal said that Pakistan would soon get good news about the vaccine.

More than six weeks have passed since the tests were conducted, he said, adding that it could take three months to get full results.

Iqbal said that the anti-body test of those who have been dosed will be taken after 56, as they received the vaccine.

Around 5,000 Pakistan voluntarily prepared themselves for Phase 3 of the clinical trials.

Islamabad topped with the majority of volunteers as 2,500 people from the federal capital in the trial. This is followed by 1400 volunteers in Karachi while 800 people from Lahore are joining the efforts.

Interim results show all those who have been vaccinated are healthy.

On 22 September, Planning Minister Asad Omar said that Pakistan had launched three trials of a vaccine against Kovid-19 developed by a Chinese company.

The same vaccine is also being tested in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and other countries.

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