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The country’s top auditors have detected irregularities and reported cases of serious fraud involving Rs 12.3 billion in the Pakistan Post Office Department (PPOD) in its first year under the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government.

The post office is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Communications, currently headed by Murad Saeed as Minister of Communications and Postal Services. The firebrand minister is famous for whipping at the opposition within and outside Parliament.

In its audit report for 2019-20 – submitted to the President under Article 171 of the Constitution to be presented before Parliament – the Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) has given Rs. 12,331.127 million, including recovery of Rs. 681.6 million. One million.

The classified summary of the audit observations showed that in cases of alleged fraud, embezzlement and embezzlement amounting to Rs256.2 million, irregularities of around Rs.2 million, value of money and service delivery issues of Rs 14.7 million and special on audit Audits are included. Rs.1,904.9 million for saving schemes. Further, the AGP report stated that the imperfections of Rs 39.6.6 million were related to non-production of records.

The AGP said a total of 64 cases of fraud, embezzlement, embezzlement, theft and public robbery were pointed out, six cases of employee-related irregularities were found and five cases of procurement-related irregularities in violation of PPRA.

In addition, the AGP states, 13 cases of overpayments and irregularities – Rs. Valuation of 1,904.9 million – reported, 10 cases of internal control weaknesses, nine cases of non-recovery and three cases of value for money and service delivery were detected. .

The auditor has observed that the value of physical assets of Rs 183.2 million for the financial year 2018-19 was not capitalized in the balance sheet, which is the same for realizing immovable assets.

In addition, the auditor stated that the forms, statutes and principles of accounting and maintenance of accounting for 46 agency functions were not the approval of the AGP and it is in violation of Article 170 of the Constitution and the directives of the Public Accounts Committee.

Therefore, the report read, could not determine the authenticity and reliability of the accounts and receivables and collection of 923 billion and payment of Rs.888 billion.

The report has revealed that the general post offices concerned have collected Rs. 4,439.8 million remittances were not accepted; Consequently the remittance advice showed a negative balance in the financial statement. It said that Rs 7,629.8 million was lying unauthorized due to the difference between money order and postal draft in the balance sheet.

Further, this continued, with a negative balance of Rs.146 million in Mahana Amdani accounts appearing as foreign remittances, incentives on BISP money orders etc., while payment of incentives to employees amounting to Rs. 15.4 million was paid.

The report said that the Director General Audit Postal and Telecommunication Services also audited non-budget payments of Rs. 498.53 billion for the agency’s work done by PPOD on behalf of various government departments. As a result of this, the report states that Rs. 4.46 billion was recovered.

The AGP recommends that PPOD should update and strengthen internal controls to prevent fraud and embezzlement, while fraud and wrongful disciplinary cases need to be quickly finalized to prevent recurrence.

Among other recommendations, the AGP stated that the revenue recovery mechanism needs to be made effective and timely arrears should be recovered from various government departments.

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