Shot Orthodox priests in Lyon, France; The attacker escaped: police source | The Express Tribune


A police source and eyewitnesses said a French Orthodox priest was shot and injured on Saturday by an assailant in a church in the center of the French city of Leon.

The priest said that the priest was fired at around 4pm (1400 GMT) to close the church, and was being treated at a life-threatening site.

Witnesses said the church was a Greek orthodox. Police immediately laid siege to the area.

Two days after the incident, a man killed a woman and killed two others in a church in Nice. Two weeks ago, a schoolboy in a suburb of Paris had a scuffle with an 18-year-old attacker, who was clearly angered by the teacher’s disrespectful performance of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) during a class.

Government ministers warned that other terrorist attacks could occur. President Emanuel Macron has deployed thousands of soldiers to protect places such as places of worship and schools.

Many Muslims around the world have been angry about France’s defense of the right to publish cartoons depicting the Prophet (PBUH) under the guise of “freedom of expression”.

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