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new Delhi:

New Delhi’s air quality deteriorated over the weekend as Hindus in the capital of India burnt effigies of the legendary demon king Ravana and firecrackers to celebrate the victory of good over evil during the Dussehra festival.

As pollution rose on Monday morning, India Gate – a memorial near Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office – blanketed in smog, and 20 million people from the mega-city had “very bad” air at some places, even “dangerous” “Breathed.

US President Donald Trump last week prompted India to tweet Democratic rival Joe Biden, citing his “dirty” air during the last presidential debate: “This is not how you talk about friends Are – and this is how you solve global challenges from climate change. “

But, to all the angles displayed on social media by some Indians over Trump’s remarks, the country’s own pollution watchdog gave the inevitable truth with another gruesome daily reading.

According to the Central Pollution Control Board’s Air Quality Index (AQI), any reading above 100 on a scale of 500 becomes progressively unsafe for health.

The AQI hit 347 on Monday afternoon in the capital, while it was as high as 439 for some areas such as Sonia Vihar, as well as in a dangerous area.

Doctors have already seen an upsurge in respiratory problems among residents in the capital, where more than 353,000 of India’s 7.9 million coronavirus cases have been reported.

So far this month, Delhi’s AQI has earned an average of “poor” 227, as residents paid the price of burning debris before planting a new crop for farmers in the surrounding states.

The climax of the Dussehra festival on Sunday was quite damaging to people’s lungs, while environmentalists have warned that Diwali could be very bad in mid-November, as people burn many more firecrackers for the festival of lights.

Next month, farmers will usually be burning in some states, and low winds will allow the smog to settle in the capital.

Authorities have urged people to take steps to control pollution, ordering water spraying and banning the use of power generator sets.

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