Washington Woman Takes Thousands of Protest Donald Trump by Supreme Court in March

“Women’s March: Protesters march through Washington City to the steps of the Supreme Court.”


Thousands marched in the US Supreme Court in Washington on Saturday to protest President Donald Trump’s mob to persuade late Justice Ruth Beder Ginsburg and push through Amy Connie Barrett.

The US Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled an October 22 vote on the nomination of Barrett, a conservative appellate judge over Democrats’ objections that the confirmation process in the November 3 presidential election comes very close.

More than 26 million Americans have already cast their ballots, for which they intend to sit in the White House for the next four years, Like Or his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

In the Women’s March, protesters said they are angry that Republicans are ready to confirm Barrett’s nomination, refusing to move on from Merrick Garland, former President Barack Obama, a Democrat, from the 2016 election More than six months ago, presidential candidates. .

“The fact of the matter is that we are powerful and they are afraid,” said Sonja Speu, director of reproductive rights campaigns at Ultraviolet, a feminist advocacy group, one of those speaking out in protest. “They’re on the ropes and they know it and we’re about to deliver a knock-out punch.”

Ginsburg, a liberal champion of women’s rights, died on 18 September.

Prudence Sullivan, 49, Lake in the Hills, Illinois, near Chicago, and her sister Callie Padgut, 47, from Jacksonville, Florida, flew to what she described as an energetic and empowering event.

“We have suffered from COVIDs and have clashed with family members on racism, Black Lives Matter,” Sullivan said. “So this is something where I can put my money where my mouth is.”

Sullivan said that she and her husband, an IT expert, were looking at alternatives to going abroad if Trump was reelected.

The protesters protested the Supreme Court’s move through the city of Washington. Hundreds of marches and demonstrations were planned at city halls, parks and monuments across the country.

In this week’s confirmation hearing, Barrett responded to questions asked about the president’s powers, abortion, climate change, voting rights and Obamacare, saying she could not answer them because cases related to these cases were before the court Can come.

If Barrett takes a seat in the Supreme Court, the Conservatives will have a 6-3 majority.

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