The Express Tribune ‘while protecting its territorial integrity’ paying tribute to PM Azri forces


The former Soviet republic on Sunday marked the 28th anniversary of its independence as Prime Minister Imran Khan paid tribute to Ezeri forces ‘while protecting territorial integrity’.

In a tweet, the premier extended “warm regards” to Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev and the Azri people.

Referring to the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed Nagorno-Karbakh region, we paid tribute to the Azeri army while protecting their territorial integrity.

“Pakistan stands with Azerbaijan in its quest to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh issue according to UN Security Council resolutions,” the premier concluded.

Earlier on Saturday, Pakistan rejected The charges The Armenian Prime Minister accused Pakistani special forces of involvement with the Azerbaijani army in the Karabakh conflict.

Foreign Office spokesman Zafid Hafeez Chaudhary said in a statement, “We have seen transcripts of the Armenian Prime Minister’s interview with Russian TV on 15 October accusing the Armenian prime minister of engaging the Pakistani army with the Azerbaijan army.”

A spokesman for the FO said that it is regrettable that the leadership of Armenia is resorting to irresponsible propaganda against Azerbaijan, to cover up its unlawful actions, which must be stopped.

The FO spokesman further said that the long-term peace and normalization of relations between the two sides would depend on the full and comprehensive implementation of UN Security Council resolutions and the withdrawal of Armenian forces from the Azerbaijan territories.


Decades old Nagorno-Karabakh struggle The blast exploded again on 27 September and so far more than 700 people have been killed, including 80 civilians.

The mountainous western region of Azerbaijan has been under separatist Armenian control since the 1994 ceasefire ended a brutal war that killed 30,000.

Armenia, which supports Nagorno-Karbakh, but does not recognize its independence, has acknowledged that Azerbaijani forces have made significant gains on the front over the past week.

One AFP The team was moved by the Azerbaijani army on Friday to recapture the southern section of the conflict zone near the Iranian border.

Azerbaijan officials said they had, during the last Soviet war, included strategic heights overlooking a fertile valley.

The current increase is the deadliest and longest since that six-year conflict.

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