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New York:

Cinemas outside New York City will be allowed to reopen on October 23. After a month-long hiatus by the coronovirus, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday.

Cuomo said theaters would require a 25% cap capacity with a maximum of 50 people per screen, and only in counties that have a positivity rate of less than 2% and no cluster area, Cuomo said.

Filmmakers will be required to sit and wear masks in addition to eating or drinking. Theaters will be required to meet enhanced standards for air filtration and ventilation.

The governor announced the move at Saturday’s briefing where he said Kovid-19 is making progress in dealing with “clusters” in some areas of the state, including New York City’s Brooklyn and Queens.

“The strategy is working,” Cuomo said, pointing to a decrease in positivity rates in the so-called “red areas”. “Not only microclusters, the entire statewide strategy is working.”

Under the pressure of cinema operators, Cuomo has not given permission to open theaters soon. Last week, the Executive Committee of the Global Cinema Federation, which represents cinema operators and other industry leaders around the world, sent a letter to the Democratic governor asking him to reverse his decision to keep theaters closed.

Cinema operators are getting upset due to financial constraints.

The company said that attendance at AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., the world’s largest movie theater chain, decreased 85% from last year, as theaters reopened after the lockout in some states.

With the epidemic changing consumer behavior globally, more viewers are being pushed to digital video services as people spend more time at home due to restrictions on movement and the switch to work from home, which closed theaters Have given.

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