Manoj Bajpayee believes that the star system has ruined cinema The Express Tribune

Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee feels that the star system in the Indian film industry has significantly disrupted quality cinema. In a recent interview, Bajpayee highlighted that exhibitors and distributors prioritized stars over the content of a film Hindustan Times.

Manoj said that short films are often given ‘step-mother treatment’ when the focus is on the stars and their films have dealt with it.

“As far as the star system is concerned, it has done more harm than good than quality and content. Now young stars are focusing on content again. When exhibitors and distributors start focusing on stars, What happens is quality movies and short films start treating stepmothers. My films have faced it, “he said.

Although he is cynical on OTT platforms, possibly ending the star system, Gangs of Wasseypur hoped that new talent would continue to be encouraged.

“Whether it’s watching cinema or OTT or TV, people will find their stars. He finds her favorite and becomes his star. How big will those stars be? Will they be as big as we have been since Kovid-19? I do not know. I hope the star system does not become a barrier to newcomers.

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