Armenia and Azerbaijan accuse each other of violating new ceasefire agreement, The Express Tribune


Armenia and Azerbaijan on Sunday accused each other of violating a new humanitarian ceasefire in the fight over the ethnic Armenian-controlled enclave of Nagerco-Karabakh, Azerbaijan.

The truss came into effect from midnight (2000 GMT).

On Saturday, a missile attack leveled a row of homes in the second city of Ganja in Azerbaijan, killing 12 people and injuring more than 40 people in their sleep over the disputed Nagorno-Karbakh region. done.

The initial hour attack, in which another part of Ganja arrived in a second missile attack and the nearby strategic city of Mingsevir, hours later Azerbaijan attacked Stepnacart, the capital of the ethnic Armenian separatist zone.

It appears that the tit-for-tat attacks further reduced international efforts to pacify the resurgence of fighting between Christian Armenians and Muslim Azerbaijanis before the regional powers arrived in Russia and Turkey.

Decades old conflict

The decades-old Nagorno-Karbakh conflict resumed on 27 September and has killed more than 700 people, including about 80 civilians.

The mountainous western region of Azerbaijan has been under separatist Armenian control since the 1994 ceasefire ended a brutal war that killed 30,000.

Armenia, which supports Nagorno-Karbakh, but does not recognize its independence, has acknowledged that Azerbaijani forces have made significant gains on the front in the past one week.

One AFP The team was moved to a colony on Friday by the Azerbaijani army to recapture the southern section of the conflict zone near the Iranian border.

Azerbaijan officials said they had, during the last Soviet war, included strategic heights overlooking a fertile valley.

The current increase is the deadliest and longest since that six-year conflict.

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