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A clip of model-cum-actors Aamna Ilyas and Sadaf Kanwal recently debuted on Instagram from a two-year-old episode of the talk show Hassan Shehrer Yasin (HSY).

This link had previously made headlines for Kanwal’s problematic stance on the #MeToo movement and his comments on Mahira Khan.

However, this time, a viral snippet from the episode shows Kanwal and Ilyas engaged in a harmless game of celebrities. But when asked about former Pakistani supermodel, Aamina Haque, Ilyas says that she had gained weight in a quite horrific way, which caused a shock to HSY. To cap it off, the model is supposedly high-five on the jib.

After the clip, a conversation on social media was deleted, Mehndi Starr took to Instagram and addressed the matter. “Some of you have told me about a certain model / actor, said about me. Truth be told, if moving the body gave me a small joy in her life, she is welcome. Unhappy people. Tend to hate rather than hate. Kindness and compassion, “she wrote.

Now, Ilyas has also reacted to the hatred he received due to earlier comments. Baaji The star took to Instagram and shared a video under which she starts screaming Paratha His pj Then the actor said, “Two years ago I called someone fat, this claim is not true. TV, media, bloggers – please ignore them all. I will tell you the truth. “

Contrary to what you would think she would say next, Ilyas began to recount all the examples from her childhood that she was not the only one to blame for polishing the body – because she was the one to judge for her past anyway was. .

“We had a cook Noman who couldn’t walk properly because he was different, and I called him NLuro nomi‘I was six years old. My cousin had a daughter and I didn’t raise her for two years because I say, aYes, you are Feni, ‘I was 12 years old. My school teacher had a speech impairment, so I used to mimic it and I was at the time. “

Continuing with anecdotes of her past, Ilyas described how she had made fun of her friends, family friends to her neighbors. “My best friend asked me why I am ignoring him so much; I say that ‘You are so young, I forgot that you are there.’ I told my neighbor that they should have a hair transplant, told my homeowner that she should get a denture, and then one day my sister’s friend came to see her. In the evening and I said, ‘Look, it’s evening into the night,’ imagine – I embarrassed someone for being dark complex. “

“But I never called anyone fat,” he assures, instead he uses words like Elephant, Godda And Saand.

Ilyas addressed a subsequent video, which he uploaded just after the controversial clip went viral. In the video he saw everyone sitting in his car dressed, stripped off their colors like a scene from an advertisement and said “Why is everyone saying I called him fat?” That’s not me. “

She reiterated the video to say that the person who said those things about Haq was no longer he. “I said I’m not that, and that’s true, because I’m not what I used to be.”

“Nobody who knows all morality enters this world, so please don’t tell me that you never said all these things. But still you won’t give another person a second chance,” she said angrily. Mimicking some of the criticisms she has received over the past few days, Ilyas said, “She said something wrong in the 90s, so how can she promote something today? How dare she!”

“Anonymous Haq, I can’t change what I did.” Live life The actor said, “I cannot ease the pain you are causing – but I try to be a better every day. And to all of you guys, for the last time, I am not her.”

Ilyas picked up, ending her video on a sarcastic note Paratha He asked and said, “so fat Paratha, It has also turned black! “

Although the video may have been out of the schooling attempt to get people to recognize someone for their past, the hatred has apparently doubled. Many people commented on the clip, demanding an apology, in which many people called them ‘arrogant’ for their mistakes, calling them ‘gant I am not’.

“So a rapist can rape and say after two years that I’m not that, I was that!” Because no one learns morality from their mother’s womb ?! And the second is that you can say ‘sorry’ at the end of every shaming story of your childhood, including this one. One user wrote, “Instead of not accepting them and being proud, you will be made a better person.”

“It’s called gas-lighting,” another remarks. “At least now politely excuse instead of making more sarcastic videos,” the other demanded. “All he had to say was, I’m changed and I’m sorry for the pain you’ve caused,” another relay with the Face Palm emoticon.

Looks like the verbal war is not over yet

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