Assessment meeting: Minister discussed issues of cotton crop. The Express Tribune


Pakistan’s cotton sector will certainly improve in the coming years as effective measures are being taken, said National Food Security and Research Minister Syed Fakhar Imam chaired the meeting of the Cotton Crop Evaluation Committee on Friday. He highlighted that domestic cotton production issues were seed quality, absence of new seed technology, heat waves and climate change, cotton leaf curl virus, pink bollworm and white fly. During the meeting, it was revealed that there has been a 4% decline in cotton area in Punjab, which has changed the pest complex. The Punjab division estimated production targets between 5.30 million bales. In addition, Sindh Division also mentioned that the cotton crop was facing issues due to heavy rains. Mirpurkhas and Sanghar suffered severe crop damage. Sindh gave a target of three million bales, whereas, Khyber-Pathunkhwa estimated the target of 0.065 million bales and 0.291 million bales of Baluchistan.

Published in The Express Tribune, 3 OctoberThird, 2020.

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