Nehal Hashmi booking in Karachi after family and police squabbles

KARACHI: The family of police officers and Nehal Hashmi came down on a scuffle in Malir Town area of ​​the city on Friday night, accusing the former PML-N senator’s son of assaulting police officers and police officers.

Police have allegedly detained Hashmi and one of his sons Nasir Hashmi after the incident. Police said an FIR has been lodged against the PML-N leader and his two sons in Saudabad police station against SHO Rana Hasib as a plaintiff.

A fight with the police took place near the busy Saudabad area of ​​Malir, on the other hand, Nehal Hashmi’s family was involved in a dispute with another party.

Police officials said that when they tried to intervene, the senator’s family tore the personnel uniform.

According to the Deputy Inspector General of Police, people have gathered outside the station, and some have entered it against the instructions of the police.

In the video, Hashmi reportedly says: “You’re beating her, you’re beating my son. Who are you?”

Meanwhile, his son said: “The police tried to come to my family. When I tried to stop them, they broke my phone.”

His son said, “They attacked my sister and mother.”

In a video statement released late last night, the PML-N leader’s daughter Ayesha Hashmi said, “We were dragged into another case. They abused me and my mother.” She said that the policemen forced her brother Nasir Hashmi in plain clothes to torture and humiliate her family. “The police also tortured my 17-year-old brother,” she said.

PML-N leader Muhammad Zubair called it a personal matter of Hashmi, saying that the party had nothing to do with it.

The former Sindh governor said that unless Nehal Hashmi and his family gave their perspective on the issue, it would be premature to say anything.

Another PML-N member, Asad Usmani, accused the police officers of extorting money and the fight started when Hashmi’s son stopped him from doing so.

“Nehal Hashmi’s son intervened and tried to stop him [from collecting extortion money], “They said.” Two police cars arrived carrying Nehal Hashmi and his sons with them to the police station.

Usmani said that he had reached outside the police station but the door was locked and no one was being allowed inside.

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