Pakistani men forced to seek first wife’s consent before second marriage, SC rules

The five-page order of the Supreme Court introduced by Justice Syed Mazar Ali Akbar Naqvi came in response to an appeal against a decision of the Peshawar High Court. AFP / Rizwan Tabassum / Files

Islamabad: Pakistani men are obliged to seek the consent of their first wife or seek clearance from the arbitration council before deciding a second marriage, Pakistan’s Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday.

The apex court granted permission for the first wife or opted for the man to marry the arbitration council for a second. If a person gives up his consent with his first wife, he must pay the full amount immediately. Haq Meher, Or diver, agreed on the day of Nikkah – regardless of whether he was to be paid immediately.

The purpose of the law seeking permission from the first wife before the second marriage was to improve society, with the court commenting that its violation could lead to many problems.

The five-page order of the apex court, introduced by Justice Syed Mazar Ali Akbar Naqvi, came in response to an appeal against a decision by the Peshawar High Court (PHC) to mandate a man to pay his first wife immediately. The verdict was given. The whole of Dover agreed that she should go for a second marriage.

In confirming the PHC’s decision, an appeal against it was later set aside.

The Supreme Court ordered the petitioner Muhammad Jamil – who was married without the consent of his first wife – to pay her immediately to his brother-in-law on the day of his marriage.


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