Taylor Swift donated $ 30,000 to the student’s UK College Fund. The Express Tribune


Taylor Swift has donated more than $ 30,000 to a Portuguese student living in the UK, as she has sought to donate an online page to pursue a mathematics degree at the university.

The Grammy-winning artist said she was inspired by Vittoria Mario’s campaign and dedication as she sought to raise £ 40,000 to cover housing and living costs while studying mathematics at the University of Warwick.

Mario, who said she arrived in Britain unable to speak English four years ago, wrote on her fundraising page that she had achieved top grades in her school leaving exams and provisionally offered a place at Warwick. was.

However she was not eligible for a loan or grant due to her migration status and her family was not in a financial position to support her. She said that her family always believed that if you could get a university education in Britain, you would “be separated for life”.

“My name is Vitoria Mario, and I’m an 18-year-old young Black with a dream,” she wrote on GoFundam.

“Although my story is not unique, my dream of becoming a mathematician is not only an opportunity in social mobility for my family and I, but to inspire people who are the best version of themselves to live in equal positions Aspire to be and strive for it despite gender / racial inequality, immigration issues and financial constraints. “

Swift, who is known for donating after pleading for online help, said she wanted to complete the fundraising and that about £ 43,000 was raised by 1200 GMT Mario.

“I’ve come to your story online and am inspired by your drive and dedication to turn your dreams into reality,” she said. “I want to give you my balance goal. Good luck with everything you do! Love, Taylor. “

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