‘Pakistan moving towards stability despite COVID-19 crisis’

Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Shibli Faraz. – PID

Federal Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraj said on Tuesday that despite the coronovirus crisis, Pakistan is moving towards economic stability.

The information minister’s remarks came after he briefed the media about the decisions taken by the federal cabinet at a meeting held in Islamabad earlier in the day.

Faraz said that according to data shared by finance advisor Hafiz Sheikh, the fiscal deficit was recorded at 8.1% against 9.1% and the primary deficit at 3.1% at 1.8%.

The minister said the current account deficit, which was recorded at $ 20 billion when the PTI-led government came to power, was recorded at $ 13 billion last year and $ 3 billion in 2019-20.

“This is an important figure because it affects currency devaluation and exports and imports,” he said.

State Bank reserves that were recorded at $ 8.5 billion have now increased to $ 12.5 billion.

Underlining the subsidies being given by the government on the allocation of funds under the EHSA program to facilitate electricity, gas, and the weaker sections of society, the minister said that a recent Bloomberg report showed Pakistan stocks in the world Seconded the exchange.

The minister said the cabinet was informed about the removal of encroachments from the Srinagar highway and the issue of the license of the pilot to plant trees.

Touching on the country’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, Faraz said that Riyadh is close to Islamabad and has always stood with the country in times of need.

Responding to allegations of clashes between party workers and police near the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) office in Lahore by PML-N leaders today, the minister said that instead of regretting the incident, party vice-president Maryam Nawaz Held a press conference. the seminar.

“Today, Maryam Nawaz was called to answer the NAB’s questions about acquiring 200 acres of land in Raywind, and he brought it fully with him,” he said, noting that Chief Minister Punjab Osman Huzdar was also called. The anti-corruption watchdog in the past but he never reached the crowd.

“Congratulations to the media wing of PML-N for a great drama,” he said, adding that today the “Maryam Nawaz Group” held a press conference, and tomorrow the “Shehbaz Sharif Group” will hold a briefing.

To try to divert the PML-N leaders from the real issues of the country, Faraj said that all those involved in looting the country will be held accountable.

Talking about the country’s foreign policy, the Information Minister said that Pakistan’s foreign policy is clear and Kashmir will be Pakistan’s first priority.

The minister said, “We will raise our voice for the people of Kashmir at every level.”

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