Mahwish Hayat criticized garbage dump in Islamabad

Mahwish Hayat really knows what he has to believe in. And we really appreciate that she uses her platform for good.

The Lode Wedding star always went the extra mile in actively raising awareness and advocating change.

Now, the Tamga-e-Imtiaz winner is calling people around the country’s capital Islamabad, an important tourist destination.

Mehvish retweeted a video on Twitter late last night, which clearly showed trash in Marshala Hills. “I like to go to the Margala Hills whenever I can. It always disappointed me to see all this garbage and filth, ”she said.

She continued, “I somehow expected the crowd of Islamabad to keep these places of natural beauty clean. Do we want to show this image to the visiting tourists? “

Many praised Mahvish and responded to his tweet with emotion.

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