CM Sindh says coronovirus is an excuse for the Center to hide inefficiency

Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah said on Thursday that the federal government used the coronavirus virus epidemic to hide its poor performance since coming to power.

The chief minister was speaking to the media a day after officially presenting the provincial budget for the financial year 2020-21.

“No disaster, [hence the only reason] This was because of low revenue inefficiency, ”he said, criticizing the federal government for its economic policies.

Murad said that in the current year, the province received less than Rs 229 billion from the federal government. He said, ‘835 billion rupees were to be received from the center this year. [but were not]. “

He said that Sindh received Rs 553 billion from the revised target, adding that for the next year, the Center has set the development target at 2.1.

The top official of Sindh said that at this time no new plan has been introduced in any field except health.

“700 plans, which will be completed next year, will be funded.”

He alleged that the development budget had been dropped because of the Center, saying that the federal government. Don’t want to own your own disability ‘.

Sindh Chief Minister presented a budget of 1 crore 24 lakhs

The CM of Sindh on Wednesday unveiled the budget for the year 2020-21 with an outlay of Rs2.24 trillion amid opposition from opposition MPs in the assembly session.

Shah had announced that the government of Sindh has decided to increase the salary of civil servants.

In his budget speech, CM Shah also announced that the salaries of Grade 1-16 government employees would be increased by 10%, while those in grades 17-21 would receive a 5% increase. However, the said amendment will not apply to the provincial ministers and the Sindh cabinet.

He had said that the government of Sindh had constituted the 3 billion Corona Emergency Fund and that the province took a lockout initiative before suing other provinces.

The Chief Minister further said that for the education sector, Rs 21.1 billion has been allocated for 11 new, untapped projects. He said that Rs 13.2 billion was earmarked for 265 already running schemes and four new ones.

According to the budget documents, among other recommendations, an amount of 5 billion rupees was allocated to deal with the epidemic measures. The documents showed that there was no new agricultural research plan in the provincial budget.

The recommendations include Rs.7 billion for the Malir Expressway and Karachi-Thata double-track road respectively and Rs. 8.86 billion allocation was included.

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