Also American lockdown is not required, says top health expert Anthony Fauci

Daily infection rates in the US have remained relatively flat, Anthony Fauci said


Leading government expert Anthony Fauci told AFP in an interview on Thursday that the United States did not require a more extensive lockdown to bring its COVID-19 outbreak under control, despite the fact that the national daily infection rate had fallen There are no signs.

“I don’t think we’re going to talk about going back into lockdown,” he said, noting that places like California and Texas are seeing an upsurge in their caseloads, reissuing orders for them to stay home needed.

“I think we are going to talk about trying to better control the areas of the country that seem to be.

The US leads the world in the number of confirmed infections and deaths – a fatal toll of around 120,000.

But while the former epics New York and New Jersey have been successful in controlling their outbreaks, the virus is now growing in 20 states – creating a plateau in the national case graph.

Fauci stressed that a local approach would be needed as the country would have to take more steps to return to normalcy – including the important question of reopening schools.

“Counties where there are certainly no cases at all have no problem with the opening of schools,” he said.

“There are other parts where there is a minor amount of infection (where) you can delay the opening of the school.

“And there are other parts of the country where there is minimal transition, where you want to make some modifications of the process, namely: alternate days, morning vs. afternoon, sitting people wearing masks different from each other.”

Fauci, who has led America’s response to every major pandemic since the AIDS outbreak in the 1980s, said one thing that bothers him is the lack of compliance with officials’ recommendations about wearing masks.

“We have a country where even when recommendations are for wearing a mask, a recommendation that I am involved in making, there are some groups that actually do the recommendations very strictly and they follow it.

“And then … you see pictures of people in the bar and in the congregation. So again, it’s a mixed bag. Some people are fixing it, and some aren’t.”

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