Yasir Hussain calls for people to take advantage of Kovid-19 crisis

Lahore – Pakistan’s number of coronovirus infections has exceeded 150,000 with around 2,700 deaths. It has been facing devastation in countless ways as people are taking advantage of the virus crisis.

An alarming proportion of critically ill patients have led to increased demand for COVID-19 antibody-rich plasma.

Accepts this chaos, reports of plasma corona patients being sold in the black market have begun to appear. As anticipated, this highly unethical practice has been condemned on social media, including some prominent celebrities who may be involved in it.

Actor Yasir Hussain is a man who has revealed on Instagram how such incidents are not happening in any other part of the world. “Dunya ke kissi Kafir ne Plasma Becha? (Have any Kafirs around the world sold their plasma?),” He questioned.

He goes on to say, “But Hamari Yah, the rest of the world is left with Kafir Kehan ​​Wale plasma (but here, people who sell plasma to Kafirs all over the world)”.

The Bandhi actor gave his message by inquiring, “Why Aisa? (Why is it like this?). Yes allah again (may god have mercy on us)

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