Wajahat Raoul had coronovirus for 31 days

Lahore – Pakistan’s Kovid-19 rally continues, as more and more people are experiencing the disease.

Naturally, the showbiz industry is also at risk, as a handful of celebrities tested positive for Kovid-19, with some also sharing their journey to becoming virus-free.

Wajahat Rauf also shared that he had returned fortunately after 31 days, but the terrible long period of illness was extremely tiring.

The director took to Instagram to share how he had been suffering from the disease for a month and what happened to him throughout the ordeal.

The director of Chhalwa wrote, “Corona fell in love with me for 31 days and I will not let her go.” “It was probably the longest unilateral affair in my life for the longest time. But she didn’t love me all the way, so I only lightened you.”

He shared that he “hasn’t met anyone in 45 days and doesn’t want to pay attention for the wrong reasons. But I’m trying to focus on it now.”

“On a serious note, may Allah bless you all for good health and my heart and prayers go out of all those sorrows or have lost a loved one due to this epidemic.”

He continued, “A big thank you to Shazia Wajahat for taking such good care of me, my sons for entertaining me from afar and for meeting my immediate family for their prayers.”

According to the director, “The only real advice I can give you is, don’t panic! I know it sounds very bad when the PM says it.”

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