Sugar baker wins in UK cake competition

The 34-year-old, Zhou Yi, is a Chinese patient, and the first of his kind in Chinese history who won three gold medals and two bronze medals at the world’s largest cake competition held in Britain.

Zhou’s masterpiece in Lady in the Palace’ — an intensely fondant cake featuring Queen Wu Zetian, won the top prize at the cake competition in Birmingham.

“I originally wanted to create a Chinese emperor figure, then I thought it might be great to add some feminine quality to this image,” said Zhou. “That’s how I came up with the Wu Zetian idea.”

Another cake won Left Drunk in Nephenathic Land ‘won the bronze metal, because despite its hard work the cake crust was too thick to cut, which was actually against the rules of the competition.

Another entry by Zhou’s team featured the iconic Chinese literary character Monkey King and won a gold medal in the competition.

Zhou Yi has been nicknamed the ‘Sugar King’ by his team for his love for confectioners.

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