Smart lockdown: 61 areas in Lahore were sealed as COVID-19 cases increased

The Lahore-61 area, Lahore city areas have been sealed for two weeks under ‘Smart Lockdown’ to counter the recent upsurge in novel coronovirus cases.

According to a notification issued by the local administration, these areas will remain sealed till June 30.

The areas are as follows:

Karim Park, Block No 2, 3, 4

Karim Park, Amin Park Street No.1

Bilal park

Ram Nagar, Ikra School Street

Fort Gurjar Singh, Abdul Karim Road

Osmania Colony

Royal Park

H # 14 ST # 4 Mian Tajpura

H # 26 st # 02 Mohalla Gol Bagh Shad Bagh

Begum Kot Shama Colony or Nain Sukh Street No. 4

Bara Dariya Road Gali No. 2 Masoom Shah Road

Ravi Clifton Shahdara nearby Fauji Stretch

Hanif Park Badami Bagh St. # 9

Malik Park Badami Bagh St. # 4

Johar Town B Block

Johar Town F2 Block

Canal View Society B Block

Johar Town J2 Block

Johar Town G3 Block

Wapada City F2 Block

Wapada Nagar G Block

PCSIR Phase II B Block

A3 Block Gulberg (A3 Block from Bundu Khan Sweets and Bakers to Talha Masjid, Nadeem Tika to Tariq Kabariya)

B2 block Gulberg (B2 block complete)

B3 Block Gulberg (B3 Block Complete)

B1 Block Gulberg (B1 Block Complete)

Siraj Pura, Darogawala

Bilal Colony, Darogawala

Jalo More, Dhobi Mohalla PO Box Bata Pur

Ram Nagar, street number 23

Ram Nagar, Chaudhary Building

Ram Nagar, street number 10 and 13

Ram Nagar, Islam Street

Opposite Ram Nagar

One Block, Bismilla Awas Yojana, GT Road, Manavan

Hussain Pura, Kothi Stop, opposite Bismillah Housing Scheme

Near Lasani Pharmacy, Aik Minar Wali Mosque, Manavan

B Block, Bismillah Awas Yojana, GT Road, Manavan

DHA Phase-1 (All Areas)

Askari-10 (Complete)

DHA Phase-5 (All Areas)

Cavalry Ground (Shiraz Villa)

Gulistan Colony St. # 9,11,13,15,8,5,26,27

ST # 2 Shah Alam Colony, UBL Bank Street Hafiz Park, ST # 3

Ali Muhammad Park, St. # 3 Guja Pir Road Taj Pura

St. # 1 Nizamabad, E Block Taj Pura

General Hospital Taxing Amer Sidhu’s back side

Quid e Milit Colony, Kutch Jail Road

Gosia Colony

Tariq Colony

Alhamad Colony, F Block 400-440

Earlier, the Punjab government has announced that the consequences of not following standard operating procedures (SOPs) are in front of everyone and the government has decided to seal the worst areas to control the outbreak.

Heavy contingents of police have been deputed at the entry / exit points of sealed areas, while vegetable, milk shops and medical stores will remain open in the areas.

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