Pre-Carnival celebrations at peak in world’s largest carnival

Brazil’s grandest carnival, also known as the world’s largest festival, will officially begin on February 9 and end on February 13. For now the place is filled with pre-Carnival celebrations which are a big attraction for the visitors in themselves. The Rio Carnival receives an estimated $ 1 billion in revenue every year.

The spirit of Carnival puts the entire country in a festive mood but Rio de Janeiro is considered the capital of Carnival. It attracts a large number of crowds including locals and foreigners. The samba dancer and elaborate costumes is one that is an important part of Carnival.

The Rio Carnival is for the ancient Romans and Greeks who were known for organizing spring festivities. People marked the streets, thanked and danced to welcome the spring season.

Carnival has evolved over the years, attracting visitors from all over the world. In every street of major cities there is a band that sings, plays drums and marches on a predetermined route and is always surrounded by a group of enthusiastic ravis in vibrant costumes.

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