Pakistan Food Festival concludes in Beijing

Beijing: A Pakistani cuisine-based food festival organized by Pakistan’s embassy in China, is set to showcase Pakistani food culture starting today (Wednesday).

Titled ‘Pakistani Food Extravaganza’, the event is scheduled to take place at Beijing’s China World Hotel by 23 January. The chefs at the Serena Hotel have flown exclusively to the Chinese capital to cook and prepare food for this one-of-a-kind meal.

Food Fest aims to strengthen cultural ties between Pakistan and China through food, as food is one of the founding pillars that strongly supports the idea of ​​increased cultural exchange and interaction between people and others Helps create synergy with.

Diverse Pakistani Food Extravaganza ‘includes a variety of local foods, including a variety of flavors that are perfected with the country’s cuisine. It includes the famous, traditional chicken haleem, dahi nang and beef nihari as well as many other Pakistani dishes.

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