“Organized hat”: Facebook removes ads for Trump’s re-election campaign with Nazi emblem

According to reports, the Trump campaign is running “horrifying” advertisements about “Antifa,”

San Francisco:

Facebook on Thursday removed advertisements for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign that featured a symbol used in Nazi Germany for political prisoners.

The major social network, which has come under fire from its hands for political speech in recent months, said in a statement that the campaign’s messages violated a policy against “organized hatred” and were taken down as a result.

“We do not allow symbols that represent hate organizations or hate ideologies,” the Facebook head of security policy Nathaniel Gilcher said during a House of Representative Committee hearing.

“What we saw in this case with this advertisement, and wherever that symbol was used, we will take the same action.”

Facebook’s move against advertisements to be targeted comes amid heated debate between social platforms and political leaders among dangerous far-right groups about what content may be allowed or banned.

In a tweet from the “Trump War Room”, the campaign used the inverted red triangle symbol on the issue which was “widely used” in reference to the leftist activist group Antifa.

Watchdog Group Media Matters responded with a tweet that is definitely not the case.

Beginning this month, the Trump campaign has been running “horrifying” ads about a far-left group called “Antifa” according to Media Matters.

The obverse red triangle was a new addition to the advertisement.

“Despite violating Facebook’s Terms of Service, the ads were already approved by Facebook,” said Media Matters president Angelo Carusone.

Facebook has consistently rejected calls to fact-checking politicians, including an expectation from the Democratic White House. It is expected that Joe Biden will call the White House a massive dissolution.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said that the platform will moderate political speech, but enforce its rules while preventing content that promotes harm.

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