Justice Isa’s wife revealed sources of London property at SC hearing

Islamabad / London: Jarina Karera Khoso, wife of Justice Qazi Faiz Isa, recorded her statement before the Supreme Court on Thursday about how the judge’s family was able to buy property in the British capital.

A day earlier, Justice Isa told the court that her husband wanted to tell her through a video link about her qualities and its sources because her father is a cancer patient and should be given a chance to speak on the case.

A 10-member full court headed by Justice Omar Ata Bandial began a hearing on a set of petitions challenging the President’s reference filed against the SC judge for allegedly not disclosing foreign assets in his refund.

Giving information about sources of funds, she said: “The properties were sold in Karachi and two bank accounts – one in British pounds and the other in US dollars – were opened to a private bank to transfer funds.

“From 2003-2013, a total of £ 700,000 was transferred through these two foreign accounts to the Karachi branch of Standard Chartered Bank,” she said.

Change name and counsel advice

Khoso clarified that she was a Spanish citizen and used her passport to purchase properties in London. She said that when her husband was a lawyer, she would get a five-year visa.

However, Pakistani authorities issued a one-year visa after 2018 only to create hurdles.

Justice Isa’s wife stated that since she was born in Spain and her father and mother’s names were Khoso and Karera respectively, her name on her birth certificate and passport is Zarina Karera Khoso.

After marrying Justice Isa back in 1983, however, the Pakistani government recorded her name in the CNIC as Zarina Isa.

The judge’s wife said in her statement that her tax returns were filed following advice from her lawyer, Rehan Naqvi, and that she owned a house in Clifton, as well as a plot in Shah Latif Town. He has also obtained agricultural land from his father, which is now named after him.

Khoso stated that he was advised that as per law, tax returns were not filed on agricultural land. After discussions with Naqvi that all his taxes were filed, he said the last tax return he filed was more than $ 6 million.

Justice Isa opposes sending case to FBR

In a rare appearance before the bench, Justice Isa on the second day opposed the court’s suggestion to refer the matter of foreign assets of his family members to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the husband / Provides an opportunity to the wife. Judge to explain sources for purchase of London properties.

Justice Isa, opposing the apex court’s motion, pleaded to decide the case on merit.

Justice Bundiyal had instructed Munir A Malik – who was on the video link from the Karachi Registry – to ask the judge’s spouse to submit his explanation in writing, along with all documentary evidence.

Malik had said that he took up the speedy case as it was not to protect the integrity and independence of the judiciary but from the judge of the top court. He said that it would be in the interest of justice that the immediate case be decided on merit.

Justice Isa, however, said that the government had agreed to the court’s proposal and had to give its answer. He said that the Federation’s lawyers were repeatedly asking for the money trail. The judge said that the council did not call him for hearing while the government presented the reply late.

He prayed before the bench that his wife be given an opportunity to share the details.

Justice Isa had argued that his spouse was not a lawyer and was not in a position to present a written answer and, therefore, he should be heard. She could answer all the questions.

“Justice is not only done, but is being done,” Justice Isa submitted.

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