Iran’s Navy tests new short-range cruise missiles

The statement said Iran’s new missiles destroyed targets set 280 kilometers (174 mi) away and their range could be extended even further. Handout via Iranian Army Office / AFP

Tehran: Iran’s navy tests “new generation” of short and long-range cruise missiles, it said in a statement on Thursday, killing 19 sailors in a first-ever military exercise in a friendly fire incident last month. I went.

The Armed Forces website published pictures of drills in the Gulf of Oman, showing missiles from behind a warship and a truck, and a ship burst into the sea.

A statement said that both short and long-range missiles were tested.

“They destroyed targets 280 kilometers (174 mi) away and their range could be extended even further,” the statement said.

The missiles were designed and manufactured by the Ministry of Defense and Navy, it said, without any further details.

A video released by state television on its website stated that some of the missiles are “based on older platforms that have been updated”.

They were “missiles with deadly accuracy and power for Iran’s enemies”, an IRIB reporter said on a beach, where they were fired from a truck.

The naval exercise comes after a “crash” during a similar drill on 10 May, in which a warship is being hit by a single water missile.

The military said nineteen crewmembers were killed and 15 were injured in the incident.

The Tasnim news agency said the missile was fired by another Iranian warship in a “friendly fire” incident.

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