I stopped endorsing fairness creams, because it didn’t feel right: Priyanka Chopra

When you’re a public figure, things could quickly go downhill with a single mistake made in the past.

Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra has sparked controversy more than once this past year. Earlier, an old video of the Quantico star had resurfaced and she found herself facing major backlash once again.

Last week, many highlighted PeeCee’s comments about racism from back in her early days in the industry.

“I’m dusky myself and I’m very proud to be dusky. I would never go around saying that you need to become fair and that’s the only way you’d be beautiful because I don’t endorse that…” she says in the clip.

The video then abruptly shifts to various advertisements for several fairness creams that Chopra has endorsed and promoted over the years.

The internet was quick to point out how hypocritical this was given that the actor has endorsed fairness creams or “skin whitening” creams at some point in their career.

However, the Bollywood actor had clarified her stance on the issue a few years back.

According to Hindustan Times, the former Miss World explained why she refused to endorse fairness creams any longer in a 2015 interview.

Priyanka shared that she did the campaigns for a year but later realised she didn’t need to do it. “I felt really bad about it, that’s why I stopped doing it,” she said. Priyanka also mentioned she was bullied by her family and relative for her dusky skin.

“All my cousins are gora-chitta (fair) I was the one who turned out dusky because my dad is dusky. Just for fun, my Punjabi family would call me ‘kaali, kaali, kaali’. At 13, I wanted to put fairness creams and wanted my complexion changed,” she said.

“But then I got into films and I didn’t understand. And I did do a fairness endorsement for a year and then I felt like ‘I look pretty alright.’ I shouldn’t, I don’t wanna do this and then I didn’t do it,” Priyanka said.

“But I was also finding my ground that time as I was 21 or 22 years old,” she added.

When the interviewer asked her if she would do it again for a big sum of money, she said, “I have been offered many times, but I said no to them.”

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