All-Memoirs of John Bolton, Top Court “Dreamers” Jolt Vote on Trump Presidency

Donald Trump bounced back, calling John Bolton a “sick puppy” and dismissed the book as “imaginary”.


The chairmanship of Donald Trump was going into turmoil on Thursday after top former aide John Bolton disqualified him for office in a blatant book, and the Supreme Court held a key to his re-election to deport undisputed migrants Blocked the part.

The drama escalated around Republicans’ already rocky re-election bid, raising the stakes for their rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday – the first they will hold since the American coronovirus lockdown began, but disputes when secured I was surrounded.

Trump’s once again highly confident march to a second term was already in a hole due to criticism of his reactions to the coronovirus epidemic and nationwide anti-racism protests.

A Supreme Court ruled against his administration’s bid to remove protections for thousands of unspecified migrants classified as “Dreamers”, causing another body blow.

Trump’s platform rests in large part on his promise to clamp down on illegal immigration. His push to get “Dreamers” reflected that hardline position.

The ruling was doubly stinging as Trump has long claimed that the appointment of two justices succeeded the country’s top court in acquiring authority.

In a resentment on Twitter, Trump called this and other recent decisions that “did not like the shotgun blasts in the faces of people who take pride in calling themselves Republicans.”

He faced a blistering insider attack from Bolton, a lifelong Republican who closely viewed Trump as a national security adviser.

“I don’t think he is fit for office. I don’t think he has the ability to do the job,” he told ABC News to promote his book to ABC News.

The book – which is desperately trying to be blocked by a White House court order – alleged that Trump asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to help in the re-election, obstructing justice and someone for Russian President Vladimir Putin There was no competition.

“Putin feels he can play her like a bella,” Bolton told ABC.

Trump, who has carved out his image as a president who is tough on China, bounced back at Bolton, calling him a “sick puppy” and dismissing the book as “imagined”.

In an explicit bid to underline his strict stance, Trump threatened in a tweet that a “complete decompiling” between the US and Chinese economies is an “option”. On the previous day itself, his arch-business ambassador Robert Lighthizer had told Congress that it would be unforgivable.

“Back on the road”?

On Saturday, Trump will travel to Tulsa to hold his first campaign rally since March.

With his TV show backdrop and natural populist flair, Trump is happier in front of a happy crowd than in the formal settings of the White House.

“He is very excited to be back on the road,” said his mentor Kellyanne Conway.

He would be hoping that the energy of Razmataz and 20,000 strong crowds would jump into his re-election, which leads him to a massive defeat to Democrat Joe Biden. Even as Americans move out of lockdown only slowly, several other rallies are already being planned.

Trump will also have to hope that he does not go down in history as president who conduct political rallies ahead of people’s lives.

Tulsa is witnessing a local spike in coronovirus cases and the city’s main newspaper, the state’s health chief and many others have warned that a large crowd in an enclosed space could become a viral incubator.

A lawsuit filed in Tulsa’s court to try to stop the rally called the virus a “superspreader”.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, a Republican, said on Thursday “it’s going to be safe and we’re really, really excited.” And the Trump campaign says it will take the temperature and distribute masks to those who rally.

However, it is also said that one needs to be present to sign the waiver, allowing them to hold the organizers accountable for not getting sick.

Trump’s Tulsa rally received another setback when it was originally scheduled for this Friday, which is June 19 or the “jubilee” anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the United States.

Amid racial tension and anger from civil rights groups over how to deal with police protests that hit the wrong tone and Trump was forced to move on Saturday.

“Nobody had ever heard of it,” he claimed in a Wall Street Journal interview published on Thursday. “I did something good: I made Juneteenth very famous.”

In fact, the White House makes a statement every year commemorating the occasion, which is also marked by almost all US states.

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