Vienna man fined 500 euros for farting in “immediate proximity” to police

Police said man can challenge fines in legal system (representative)


The Austrian police fined 500 euros for loud air running after stopping authorities earlier this month to check their identities.

Police defended the large-scale fine saying that he had intentionally emitted “massive flatulence”, lifting his back from the bench where he was sitting.

The accused complained that after giving information about the events of June 5 on the O24 News website, he called them dissatisfied and unfair fines.

Later in response to social media comments, police in the Austrian capital justified their response on Twitter.

“Of course, no one is placed at the scene if anyone survives the accident,” police said.

However, in this case, police said, the jawan had appeared “provocative and uncooperative” in general.

They then “lifted themselves slightly off the bench, looked at the officers and patiently, fully deliberately emitted massive flatulence in their proximity.”

Police said the man could challenge the fine in the legal system.

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