UAE-backed STC withdraws from Riyadh pact: Yemeni FM

The Yemeni government announced that the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) had withdrawn from the Riyadh Agreement.

Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hahrami made a statement on Twitter after seizing a vehicle carrying money from Yemen’s Central Bank.

Hadrami said the STC-affiliated militia behaved like bandits after confiscating money from the Port of Aden that was to be given to the Central Bank in the temporary capital of Aden.

He said that there is no doubt that continuing such violations is evidence that STC has abandoned the Riyadh Agreement.

“The international community should accept STC as a rebel entity that has lost its legitimacy,” he said.

Citing a legitimate Yemeni government that sees Saudi Arabia as a guarantor of the Riyadh agreement, Haidrami said the government expected Riyadh to adopt a clear attitude regarding the conflicting behaviors of the STC.

Last November, Riyadh sponsored an agreement between the legitimate government and the STC following an armed conflict in southern Yemen.

According to the deal, a new Aden-based government will be formed, all military units will be linked to the ministries of defense and interior, and both sides will exchange prisoners.

Another agreement was signed between the government and STC in April to implement the Riyadh Agreement.

Yemen’s southern provinces have seen repeated skirmishes between government forces and STC fighters, since it was self-declared in Aden in late April.

Yemen is devastated by a conflict in March 2015 after Iran-backed Houthi rebels seized the capital Sanaa and forced President Abdrabub Mansoor Hadi to flee the country.

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