Surf Excel – Kids Inspirational Storyteller carries forward this legacy

How Surf Excel manages to spread the message of love, hope and kindness for the last five years in the month of Ramadan is clearly amazing. The surf brand is no doubt a new inspirational storyteller for our children and the nation.

The journey started back in 2016 and we loved seeing another powerful message in the 2020 Surf Excel television ad, which is a word on everyone’s lips.

Surf Excel dares to voice the greater qualities of love and compassion, the true essence of our religion that we have somehow forgotten or are trying to keep our children with this fast-paced world Should be ignored for. The trend of television commercials for brands has always been so dynamic, interactive and heartwarming that our children and adults see them on their screens over the course of 2-3 minutes.

We like to live in a mystic world with brands listening to music, watching cinematography, unable to resist shaking heads, such as Surf Excel, that have truly served the purpose in this joyous month of Ramadan and Our spirits have been revived to will. Of Allah Almighty. We feel connected to our Creator during our Rough and muster up the courage and strength and get out of the combo of these soulful Ramadan songs and short stories to overcome all the problems we are facing not only as a person But are also doing as a nation.

Walking you through the journey of brands is to promote the latest cause of Surf Excel’s efforts ‘When there is a will, there is a way’ With the power of #NekiNahiRukegi. Beautiful song of Surf excel 2020 is a powerful

Influence on youth

Reality of rain

Ash har dam released

Kaal teri bahari thi

Aj is my turn

Nekki se chalti tu duniya saree

Kaal teri bahari thi

Aj is my turn

A father told his child about the importance of goodness and good deeds. The child is surprised that when people are rough and the way is dark then how can anyone do good deeds. The father then answers, child! “When you are determined to do good deeds you will definitely find a way”. The child then prepares a basket with different food items and in the meantime his immaculate shirt also goes un-dazzled (our mothers usually tell us that it’s a pleasure to see washed clothes, huh!) To his mother. Is also seen at work. To him and then finally he unloads the basket through his window and gives it to the security guard sitting at the entrance of the building. The guard gives a grateful and a pat on his chest with his hand to show the child how grateful he is to her. This plot is a reflection of how our health professionals, security guards and policemen like COVID-19 work for our safety at all times during the epidemic at the cost of our lives. The message is to show them love and respect as the heroes of the nation and tirelessly spread the ‘iqi’.

You can find in descending order how Surf Excel has been successful in spreading iNeki ‘over the years.

Surf excel 2019

Dua hai ek zariya jis ki khula ki everyone

#Israq Ebadad

Surf excel 2018

The path of righteousness is tu Rushni tu jariya tu


Surf excel 2017

Meena Poocha Khuda se tu tu mujhe mujhe khan


Surf excel 2016

Aj meri paashani pa kismat na choma hai

Madad a prayer

Surf Excel Pakistan’s efforts in spreading goodness, kindness, hope and humanity are no doubt. We want to see other brands across the country to take such steps of positivity and love and we hope that they will follow in the footsteps of Surf Excel Pakistan. Our nation is in great need for such heartwarming initiatives. Thanks excel pakistan!

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