Norwegian salmon is not the source of virus outbreak in Beijing market: Oslo

The outbreak did not originate with the fish, the Norwegian official said (representative)


Norwegian Fisheries and Seafood Minister said on Wednesday that Chinese and Norwegian officials concluded that Norwegian salmon was not the source of the novel coronavirus that was found on board bites in Beijing’s food market.

Following a meeting between Chinese and Norwegian officials on Tuesday, the two countries have concluded that the source of the outbreak did not originate with the Nordic country’s fish, Od Emil Ingebrigetsen said.

“We can overcome uncertainty and stagnation in China’s salmon exports,” he told a video conference, including reporters.

The resurgence of COVID-19 in the Chinese capital over the past six days has embroiled the daily lives of many, with some fearing the entire city has been locked up as the number of new cases is increasing.


Norwegian salmon producers canceled Chinese orders over the weekend

China on Saturday stopped imports of European salmon following reports that it was discovered on equipment used to handle fish in Beijing’s Shinfaidi market, prompting supermarkets in China’s capital to remove salmon from their shelves Has been inspired for.

Norway’s salmon producers saw canceled orders from China over the weekend, although Norway’s Food Safety Authority said there was no evidence that the fish could be infected.

Shares of Norwegian salmon farmers, which fell on Monday, rose 3.6% on Wednesday with market leader Mavi and 2.5% with Salmar at 0840 GMT.

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