Neetu Kapoor Introduces New Family Member: Fur-Baby Doodle Kapoor. View pic

Neetu Kapoor with Doodle Kapoor (Courtesy) neetu54)


  • Neetu Kapoor shared a picture of her pet puppy
  • “Can’t thank Riddhima enough for this beautiful button,” she wrote
  • “We welcome this cutie,” Riddhima wrote in a separate post

new Delhi:

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor’s daughter Riddhima It has recently been revealed that a new member has been added to the Kapoor family – a fluff-ball named Doodle Kapoor. Oh, is that so. Now, in a post on Wednesday evening, Neetu Kapoor introduced her pet dog, who is a Shih Tzu puppy, with an Instagram post and an adorable note. The doodle from Betty Riddhima seems to be a gift to Neetu: “Riddhima can’t be thanked enough for this cute button ‘doodle’,” Neetu wrote for a picture which featured Doodle as Neetu Kapoor Can be seen sleeping on his shoulder, which is a dozen in peace. “Uff, in love with this button,” commented Riddhima. Neetu Kapoor’s niece Karishma also reacted to the captivating post with a heart icon.

“We welcome this cutie,” Riddhima wrote in a separate post.

Earlier, during an interactive session with fans on Instagram, Riddhima shared just a glimpse of Puppy Doodle and wrote: “New addition to the family – Doodle Kapoor.” Just look.


Screenshot of Riddhima Kapoor’s Instagram Story

During an Instagram chat, he was asked how Neetu Kapoor is leading a life after Rishi Kapoor’s death, when she said: “We gain strength from each other. We are well.”

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Screenshot of Riddhima Kapoor’s Instagram Story

Meanwhile, Riddhima’s brother Ranbir Kapoor, who lives in a separate apartment, has pet dogs Lionel and Nido, often working on Alia Bhatt’s Instagram. Ranbir and Alia, who are datedG, moved together during lockdown.

Rishi Kapoor died in Mumbai on the morning of 30 April, a day after his hospitalization. The actor was 67 and battled with leukemia for two years. Riddhima, who hails from Delhi, could not attend the funeral. With official permission, she traveled by car from Delhi to Mumbai and has been living with her family ever since.

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