Mehwish Hayat dismissed rumors of Kovid-19 being positive

Lahore – Conspiracy theories, misinformation and conjecture about COVID-19 has dipped social media.

As the situation is getting worse in Pakistan and around the world, people really need to spread fake news and make it worse.

Popular actor Mehwish Hayat clarified on his Twitter that he did not contract coronovirus, although it was speculating otherwise.

“Not true !!! I just wish that our media would be more responsible and check their facts before posting such news.

“Call me and check what you feel for ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ instead of posting it. This has caused a lot of trouble to family and friends.”

Previously, several members of the showbiz industry have tested positive for coronovirus, including Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir, Alizeh Shah, Naved Raza, Rubina Ashraf, Sakina Samo and Vasay Choudhary.

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