“Long Post Alert:” Mini Mathur’s Cheat Sheet to Keep Your Kids Happy

Mini Mathur shared this image. (Image courtesy: minimathur )


  • Mini Mathur wrote, “It is a difficult time to bring up children.”
  • “We believe life is beautiful,” she said
  • Mini Mathur was last seen in Mind the Malhotra

new Delhi:

Mini Mathur found a way to keep her children happy during difficult times. On Wednesday, the actress shared a super cute picture with her son Vivaan and daughter Sairah However, it would be difficult to choose what we liked about Mini Mathur’s post – caption or photograph. She shared a cheat sheet of sorts to keep her children happy during such difficult times. He started the post saying, “Long post alert. The world is going crazy right now. If a virus wasn’t enough to scare us off, we have the biggest, most tragic in history, cyclones, earthquakes and now There was human migration. ” A scary border feud while people are speculating about the agenda that led to the tragic demise of a young life. “

She said in her post, “It’s a hard time to bring up children. To make themselves (and them) believe that this strange time will disappear soon and still be worth living in a world. They need to be protected.” More to give emotion. Not yet seen them in a fictional Lala land. Everyday I get up and try and make the day a game, a competition. A simulation we need to navigate to survive. Is. It has a pot of gold to be won. The end of this incredible set. “

Mini mathur Signing the post, “It’s scary but as parents we are doing our best to keep it in light for our children. Because it has been liked by my favorite children.” Antonio Benigni, We continue to believe that ‘Life is Beautiful.’

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Mini mathur MTV was VJ for four years with Maria Goretti, Cyrus the moneylender and Malaika Arora. He hosted later Indian Idol, And appeared on several reality shows including show a glimpse. She was recently seen in Amazon Prime’s web-series Take care of malhotra, Starring Cyrus the moneylender and Denzil Smith.

Mini Mathur is married to filmmaker Kabir Khan, who is best known for directing films. New York, Ek Tha Tiger, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Phantom And Tube light among others.

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