Latest on the spread of coronavirus worldwide

Wuhan, China, revives its mass testing campaign

Domestic flights into and out of Beijing were canceled on Wednesday as authorities thwarted efforts to prevent an outbreak of coronovirus in the Chinese capital in the past week, raising fears of a new widespread conflict.

Death and information

More than 8.18 million people have been reported to have been infected with the novel coronavirus globally and 440,954 people have been killed, a Reuters tally showed as of 10 a.m. on Tuesday.


Germany appealed to the public to download a new smartphone app to help break the chain of infection, one of several apps that European governments hope will safely revive travel and tourism.

Residents of Moscow were able to return to museums and summer rooftops for the first time in more than two months as the Russian capital rolled steadily despite recording 1000 new daily transitions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is protected from the novel coronovirus by a special disinfection tunnel that anyone visiting his residence outside of Moscow must pass, the RIA news agency reported.

The death toll from coronovirus infection in France rose from 111 to 29,547 on Tuesday with the Ministry of Health, including weekly statistics for those who died in nursing homes.

Of America

New coronovirus infections hit record highs in six US states on Tuesday, marking a rising tide of cases for the second consecutive week as most states moved forward with the reopening of their economies.

The Trump administration said it would expand existing restrictions on non-essential travel to land ports of entry with Canada and Mexico.

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández said he was diagnosed with the novel coronovirus, is receiving treatment and will work remotely and through his colleagues.

Mexico went into an outbreak of coronovirus and insisted that it would beat the epidemic without a major trial, but as the deaths increase as it prepares to exit the lockdown, the strategy becomes increasingly unstable.

The Ministry of Labor stated that Mexico would stop sending temporary workers to Canadian farms who have recorded coronovirus outbreaks and do not have proper labor protection.

Brazil reported a record 34,918 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, the same day that one of the senior officials responding to the country’s massive crisis said the outbreak was under control.

Asia Pacific

Beijing recorded 31 newly confirmed infections for 16 June, bringing the cumulative infection to 137 cases since Thursday, the worst resurgence of the disease in the city since early February.

Japanese researchers confirmed the presence of coronaviruses in wastewater plants, a discovery that could serve as an indication for future outbreaks.

The local health minister of Delhi checked into the hospital and was being tested for coronavirus as India reported more than 10,500 new infections.

Middle East and Africa

Israel signed an agreement with Modern Inc. for future purchase of its potential vaccine should the company succeed in its development.

The state governor said Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial center, has suspended plans to reopen places of worship after reviewing the new outbreak.

Medical development

A cheap and widely used steroid called dexamethasone is a “major breakthrough” in the codovirus epidemic that scientists said became the first drug to be able to save the lives of COVID-19 patients.

US President Donald Trump’s administration is limiting its list of experimental coronavirus vaccines from 14 to 14, the US Department of Health and Human Services said.

The China National Biotech Group said that its experimental vaccine has triggered antibodies in clinical trials and the company is planning late human trials abroad.

French president and top drug maker Sanofi announced plans for domestic production of the drugs.

Unlisted biotech firm CureVac, which is due to receive German state backing, will become the second coronavirus vaccine developer to begin human trials of an experimental vaccination in the country, two people told Reuters are familiar with the plans.

Financial relations

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powour said that a complete economic recovery will not occur until the American people are convinced that the epidemic has been brought under control.

Concern about the profound impact of the new coronovirus kept Japanese business confidence depressed in June, as firms lingered for a prolonged global economic downturn, a Reuters Tuncan poll on Wednesday showed.

Japan’s oil imports fell to the lowest in nearly three decades in May, official data on Wednesday showed, as the coronovirus outbreak affected crude and fuel demand.

According to banking regulator data, US bank’s profit fell 69.6 percent to $ 18.5 billion in the first quarter of 2020.

The number of people on the British payroll fell to over 600,000 in April and May, and vacancies fell the most to a record.

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