Khairan Soniya: Falak Shabir releases new track about love & heartbreak

Falak Shabir is one of the few names that cross our mind when one thinks about artistes that have managed to establish massive fan followings in Pakistan and otherwise.

Now, the talented singer has come to the limelight with his latest single ‘Khairan Soniya.’

Your choice in music might contain multitudes, but there’s one thing that can be discovered in any genre: sad love songs.

Sometimes the best cure for a broken heart is to listen to a heartbreaking song that resonates with you the most. ‘Khairan Soniya’ is another track you will have on repeat for its impassioned vibe.

The beat of the song works as a powerful emotional catalyst that brings in lots of sympathy and compassion for the one we love.

Overall, it’s another hit that you just can’t miss out on!

Falak Shabir is best known for hits like Tu Mera Dil, Junooniyat, Ik Waar and Ijazat.

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