I hope all rapists rot in hell: Hania Amir

Lahore – One of the big questions surrounding rape culture and hate crimes is the following: Why should victims not come forward? Why did they keep quiet?

There are several reasons involved that contribute to the decision not to do the reporting, but there is a common thread that connects many of them.

Victims and survivors choose to remain silent because we, as a society, are silent. When it comes to supporting justice and punishing criminals, we are silent. When we should speak out against rape and sexual harassment, we are silent. When we witness before us the right of victim-blaming or exploitative behavior, we remain silent.

but not anymore. Hania Aamir decided to give his opinion on the matter and his fans stood by him.

Actor-turned-politician, Hania wrote on Twitter to share her 5 a.m. thoughts, “An idea. I hope all rapists and men / women who think it is okay for a woman / man / transgender to feel uncomfortable and to rot in hell. “

Many people agreed with more and more cases of rape of Dil Ruba actress, rape, hate crimes and reigning sex ratios continue in our country.

We definitely agree with Hania, do you?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below and stay tuned for more!

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