‘Friends’ co-producers regret the lack of variety in the show

While the 90s sitcom Friends is everyone’s favorite, even its most fond fans should admit that it is also problematic from a modern point of view.

Friends co-producer Marta Kauffman revealed that she regrets doing nothing else to promote diversity on the show.

During the ATX TV Festival last weekend, when asked what the Friends co-producer wishes she knew when she started her career, she said, “I wish I had known what I knew today. Sorry, that’s all I knew. I know now. I’ve made very different decisions.

“I mean we’ve always encouraged people of diversity in our company, but I didn’t do enough and now I can think what I can do? What can I do differently? How do I create a new show Can I walk? Way! And this is the one thing I not only wish I knew when I started performing, but I wish I had known all the way through the last year. “

Set in New York, “Friends” revolves around the lives of six white friends and features predominantly white guest stars, with the exception of the loving characters played by Lauren Tom and Aisha Tyler.

There are currently no plans for the Friends reboot, but the cast has plans for a special reunion on HBO Max – the series’ new, exclusive streaming home – later this year.

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