COVID-19: NDMA provides 286 ventilators to federating units

Islamabad – The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has so far given 286 different types of ventilators to all federation units to deal with the growing crowd of COVID-19 patients.

According to the NDMA spokesperson, Punjab has distributed 36 ventilators including 36 intensive care units (ICU) and BiPAP, 74 ventilators including 26 ICU and 48 BiPAP have been sent to Sindh, 26 each including 52 ventilators to ICU and BiPAP to Khyber. Delivered to Pakhtunkhwa. 25 ventilators have been distributed in Baluchistan including 10 ICUs and 15 BEAPPs, 10 BiPap ventilators have been provided to Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), 17 ventilators have been included which include 10 BiPAPs and 7 portable ventilators, of which 17 includes 36 ventilators. Each ICU, BiPAP and 2 portable ventilators were given to Islamabad.

With the surge in hospitals and a sharp increase in the number of deaths, Pakistan’s fragile health system hangs on to the adjacent peak of coronovirus.

The number here has already surpassed China, the origin of the novel virus.

According to Health Minister Yasmin Rashid of the northeastern Punjab province, Lahore has only 539 beds and 200 ventilators available for coronovirus patients, of which Lahore is the capital.

The provinces of Punjab and Sindh, which make up over 70,000 nationwide, have more than 14,000 beds for coronovirus patients in state-run and private hospitals.

There are a total of 95,024 cases of novel coronovirus in Pakistan, with 1,935 deaths and 59,467 active cases.

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